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This effort began when Ohioan Tim Tracey was researching his father’s wartime experiences.  Tim’s father, Ed Tracey, first flew in the RCAF and then in the USAAF.

Tim found John Stemple, who writes for the website 20th Century Aviation Magazine, and Karl Kjarsgaard of the Bomber Command Museum of Canada.  Both became key partners in Tim’s effort to encourage Congress to create a Congressional Gold Medal in recognition of the heroic service of the many Americans who joined the fight during World War II before America was attacked at Pearl Harbor.

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) and his staff, especially Valerie Broznak have worked tirelessly to move this project along.  John Stemple spent many hours helping craft the language of the Bill so that all RCAF and military groups were included in the Bill.

This website and several articles on this subject were written by Richard Brook, a Canadian who fell in love with his adopted State of Texas.  When he learned that nearly 1000 of the approximate 9000 RCAF Americans hailed from the Great State of Texas, he knew he had to get involved.

Whatever mistakes you may find on this website are wholly Mr. Brook’s fault.


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